Wired: Highlights from Founders of the Future Forum


2019 FORUM

We are seeing an increased significance placed on the sustainability of companies. Not merely from the perspective of innovation and industry disruption, but with regards to their broader social impact.

Last year's Founders of the Future Forum built on this theme, exploring what it means to build a high impact sustainable startup. There were discussions over the afternoon facilitated by a series of panel discussions, keynotes and breakout sessions; focused on building solutions around the Sustainable Development Goals and engaging with the challenge of developing a company underpinned by a triple bottom line business model.


Interested in the schedule of the Forum? Click below for more details. 

Wired: Highlights from Founders of the Future Forum


Founders of the Future. Our mission is to build a world-class pool of diverse and exceptional entrepreneurial talent who will build tomorrow’s high impact sustainable startups

We do that by building a suite of programmes, events and tools to support aspiring entrepreneurs in every step of their journey to become tech founders

We have an invite-only community of future founders, organise a yearly startup competition for young entrepreneurs under 25 (The F Factor), run innovation workshops and hackathons with corporates and have more initiatives coming up.